“May Long”

In Edmonton, the May long weekend (sometimes affectionately called “May long”) is the traditional time for putting in the garden. Our last frost date is usually listed as mid-May, and many people recommend waiting until 2 weeks later to plant out, so usually this works out. This year, the May long weekend is early (ie., now) and it apparently got down to zero last night, so I covered my plants. Today was sunny but still VERY chilly, but I was still out there getting dirt under my fingernails – and on my way home from a plant sale, I crossed paths with an older lady with one of those wheelie carts, also full of plants. But she was coming the other direction. I wanted to stop and ask her about her plant sale. (How good was it? WHAT DID THEY HAVE THERE? Also, SHOULD I GET ONE OF THOSE WHEELIE CARTS? HOW MANY POTS CAN FIT IN THERE?)

Also, yesterday I took my dog for a walk after throwing on a sweatshirt over my pyjamas. That’s how you know it’s a long weekend. I thought about changing, but then I would have just had to change right back. Inefficient.

Also, apparently in America there is a holiday called “Memorial Day” that may or may not be at the same time. All I can say to you, America, is: try naming the holiday Monday in May (the unofficial kickoff of the summer drinking season, patio beers, and camping as well as gardening) after a notoriously uptight queen. It’s fun, it helps to really rehabilitate her image, and people can garden.

Anyway, if you’re out in the garden on the May long weekend, know that you are part of a sacred fraternity (or whatever a gender-neutral word for that is) of people with dirty hands, weird tans from whatever shirts they’re wearing, and wheelie carts full of plants.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to stay up irresponsibly late looking at the internet, because tomorrow is STILL THE WEEKEND.

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