Front Yards in Bloom – nominations open for 2015!

Today, May 20th, is the first day you can nominate a yard in your neighbourhood for Front Yards in Bloom! This is a City of Edmonton program that recognizes beautiful yards. I especially love it because it includes categories for “natural” yards and edible yards – not just perfectly manicured lawns and shrubs pruned into topiary shapes*.

This recognition program is all about celebrating the efforts of our neighbours in beautifying Edmonton’s neighbourhoods. Is there an attractive yard in your community that deserves special recognition? Consider nominating a neighbour’s yard for an award this year!

You can nominate someone in your neighbourhood, or a friend – anyone whose yard you admire. And they would definitely appreciate it, because there’s a lot of glory that comes along with winning these awards, or so I would imagine. I probably won’t be eligible until I clean up the three (!) cubic-yard Burnco bags that are in my front yard (and that have been there since last year), and also possibly the quack grass that is growing through holes (!!) in said bags. Unless there’s a category for “trashiest yard,” and I mean that both in the judgment-of-classiness sense and the presence-of-actual-trash sense. (There isn’t. That would cheapen the whole thing for everyone.)

*Don’t think I would be judgmental about this, because years of playing The Sims has left me with the distinct impression that topiaries are awesome. Also, when I was a kid my dad was once so impressed with the TGV trains in France that he cut our hedge into the shape of one. So you could say topiaries are in my BLOOD.

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