Unsolicited Advice, pt II: Grow the good stuff

The positive version of my “if it bails on you, bail on it” rule: Grow the plants that work here.

They might not be the plants you’re used to buying at the grocery store, or even the plants that you find at your local big-box gardening centre. They might be weird, or have a taste that people describe as “herby,” and you might not see them in any gardening magazine. But there are plenty of plants that will take cold winters (plus whatever other climate issues you have) in stride.

These are perennial greens like good king henry, sorrel and bloody dock; fruits that grow on canes or bushes like saskatoons and raspberries; and self-sowing leafy greens like orach and arugula.

I wrote about this issue in more depth on my previous blog: pt 1 | pt 2

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