Link: Does Edmonton have a dandelion problem?

Edmonton Journal: Councillor Bryan Anderson wants the city to do more to control Edmonton dandelion explosion.

Edmonton doesn’t spray the dandelions now with herbicides, and controls them only with mowing.

[councillor Bryan] Anderson said he’s receiving an email a day from people asking if there’s anything that can be done about a plant experts say is impossible to eradicate.

“Even putting vacuum capability on the mowers would not deal with the volume of seeds we see now.”

About 1,000 people contact 311 each May when dandelions reach their peak, roughly 20 per cent of Edmonton’s 5,000 total annual weed complaints, community standards branch manager David Aitken said.

The article goes on to say that:

A report will go to city councillors later this year on a motion by Coun. Ben Henderson to stop using herbicides against cosmetic weeds on city land.

The city put out 2,461 kilograms of pesticide active ingredients in 2013, down 45 per cent from 2001.

What do you think? Personally, I’m happy if the city errs on the side of more weeds and fewer herbicides, but I know lots of people don’t share my view.

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