Tour Edmonton’s world-class Waste Management Centre

June 1st to 5th – Tour Edmonton’s World-Class Waste Management Centre!

In celebration of Environment Week, the City of Edmonton invites residents to come for a free tour of the Edmonton Waste Management Centre (EWMC) and see why Edmonton is a world leader in turning waste into resources.

I’ve done this tour in the past and it was really fascinating. Of course, I grew up playing basically every version of SimCity ever made, so waste management is a passion of mine; but even if you lack that that background*, I think it’s a really interesting topic. Whether you’re an Edmontonian who cares about sustainability and the environment, someone from another country who’s jealous of how awesome our municipal recycling is (seriously, it’s bonkers how good it is!), or just someone who is fascinated by piles of other people’s garbage, you will love this tour.

*If video games can ever really be considered having a “background” in something. In which case, I am an expert in LOTS OF THINGS

More about the Edmonton Waste Management Centre [pdf]

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