Weed identified: CREEPING CHARLIE

A little while ago I posted this photo of a mystery weed that’s making its way into my yard:

mysteryweed Thanks to the plant identification pros in one of the gardening facebook groups I belong to, I now know this plant is creeping charlie, also known as ground ivy.

If you google this plant, the first page of hits all relate to killing it (written by some very frustrated-sounding people), which doesn’t bode super-well for me; but on the other hand, there are lots of weeds in my yard, and it’s not like I’m suddenly going to be transformed into the type of person who cares about getting rid of them (or who is going to use chemicals of the super-toxic variety), so…

Also, according to this article from The Kitchn (Edible Weeds – Ground Ivy), it’s apparently edible.

Just a few feet from where this photo was taken, I have a patch of creeping jenny, which I did plant deliberately but now somewhat regret (as it has totally taken over). So I’m thinking that if I leave this plant be, it and the creeping jenny will do some kind of Weed Hunger Games type scenario and fight, weakening each other, at which time I can swoop in and finish off the survivor. That will work, right?

A good article about controlling creeping charlie: Iowa Gardener – Controlling Creeping Charlie

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