YEG Garden <3s Lists and Charts.

I’m the kind of person who likes to get organized, perhaps to a fault – sometimes I like organizing things related to my hobbies more than I like doing the hobbies themselves. So it’s not surprising that when it comes to gardening, I have compiled quite a few lists and charts for my own use, including this one:

venndiagram<< A venn diagram explaining how much I love charts and lists.

And these ones:

Plant rotation chart – Lists of plants by family, including whether they are light, medium or heavy feeders or nitrogen fixers. I use this to determine where to plant what. I even attempt to use a (somewhat haphazard) plant rotation in my pots, because I am too lazy and cheap to replace all the soil every year.

When to Start – A list of when to start edible and useful plants (both indoor and outdoor) in Edmonton. I use this every year to figure out when stuff should be seeded. It contains mainly the plants I actually use and grow, so not everything is on there.

These two live permanently on the resources page, and any others I add will be there too.

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