Richters Herbs Unboxing!

OK, it’s not a video, but I did take some pictures as I unboxed my plants from Richters Herbs because I am just that big of a nerd. I want to share everything with you, Internet. EVERYTHING. No matter how boring it is.

I’ve ordered live plants from several different mail-order places in the past, and Richters is my favourite. For one thing, of all the places I’ve tried, they do the best job packing their plants. These came out of the box in pristine condition, in spite of coming here all the way from Ontario. Look! This one (a bunch of comfrey plugs) came in its own little house!

richters (2)<< Are you comfrey-table in there?
HA! I crack myself up. Dads everywhere are virtually clapping me on the back for that one.

In addition to being well-packed, the plants I’ve gotten from Richters have always been also just healthy and in great shape. THEY ARE GREAT, OK? Someone on a permaculture forum told me about their ‘Profusion’ sorrel, which I have growing in several spots in my yard. I also got some Egyptian Walking Onions from them last year, which are, as of this spring, walking all over the place. This year, I ordered comfrey, lovage, wild ginger (to use as a ground cover in my front yard) and echinacea. Here are my little plants getting their first glimpse of their new home:

richters (3)>> Even though you are my mail-order plant brides, you guys are going to like it here.

If you order some plants from Richters, be sure to request that they send some to you in a tiny house.

This post just represents my unbiased opinion about Richters. I didn’t get compensated for this post, although I wish I was being compensated, because then I could get paid in plants. (In other words, I could get complantsated) (I’m sorry about that)

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