My garden: Essentially an elaborate elm seed pod catchment system

These papery little pods are elm seeds. They are my nemesis.

IMG_20150529_182745The other day, I was outside when there was a gust of wind and I felt like it was snowing. They were everywhere, including in my hair and down my shirt. I found some on the range hood of my stove the other day. Every time someone goes in or out, more get tracked into the house. They’re in my bed, in my shower (damp of course), and obviously all over all my plants.

I try to pretend they’re some kind of mulch, except they’re really a mulch that turns into WEEDS, which is the worst kind of mulch. Evil mulch. (I know they’re not really weeds, but the way they grow post-seed-pod-snowstorm, they basically are.)

I am not normally the sort of person who hates trees*, but I hate these ones. There are two on our boulevard right in front of our house and one more in a neighbour’s back yard. If something happens to them, it wasn’t me.**

*I was trying to think of someone who IS the kind of person who hates trees, and the only example I could think of was Hexxus – voiced by Tim Curry! – from Fern Gully. Also maybe someone with allergies I guess?


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