Book review: Edible Spots & Pots

edibleplantsI just finished reading Stacey Hirvela’s book Edible Spots & Pots [amazon | library] and it is GREAT!

I work in a public library, so I “check out” (little library humour for you there) a lot of gardening books. At this point, most of them I return after just flipping through them because I can tell I’m not going to get much out of them – not that they’re not good, but I’ve read enough gardening books to know most of the basics. (“You’ll need a spade!” “Composting is a good idea!” “Find out what zone you live in!”) It’s a rare book at this point that piques my interest enough for me to actually bring it home and read it.

This book is unique in that it does include that kind of beginner information, but also adds lots of non-beginner information in the mix. For example, I learned about some of the bad things about self-watering containers,the difference between coco and cocoa, and quite a few other things I didn’t know.

Also, I love a gardening book that gives practical advice about why you shouldn’t plant edibles in those canvas shoe-hanging containers, in old pallets, or in rain gutters. Suck it, Pinterest!* Stop growing food in containers that are probably contaminated with lead and/or horrible pesticides just because it looks cute! Any author who takes a stand against this kind of nonsense goes in my good books (so to speak). (I know, enough with the book jokes. But you gotta understand, I’ve been saving them up for YEARS.)

*Pinterest, I’m sorry I said that. I still love you. I wish I could be more like you. But I can’t, because I’m a real person, and I have stuff to do. I can’t spend all my time scavenging for, like, charming old leather boots to plant annuals in.

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