Weird Things I Would Like To Grow: Ramps!

Within the last couple of days, I’ve suddenly gotten interested in ramps (Allium tricoccum). Who can say why? My enthusiasm has just been ramping up. Ha! That’s probably why: they’re a vegetable with a lot of pun potential.

Ramps, also called Wild Leeks, are one of the earliest vegetables you can grow or forage for. Because people usually talk about them as a wild edible you can forage, the thought of growing them in the garden had never occurred to me. UNTIL NOW!

I enjoyed this brief article from the Globe & Mail, What Are Ramps and Why Are People Nuts About Them?, which advises:

For every person who genuinely likes eating ramps, there are another nine who secretly loathe them but fear that saying so would kill their foodie cred.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! If a food is perennial and edible here in YEG, I will try to grow it. Doesn’t matter how pretentious it is. Plus, as a woodland plant ramps should flourish in shady spots where other edibles might not grow.

So I’m now on the hunt for some ramps. But here’s something I’ve already learned: if you just type that into google, you will find the wrong kind of ramps.

More info

NC State University: Cultivation of Ramps

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