Normally, all that grows in the little drainage holes of these tomato craters are weeds, but yesterday I found something lucky: a volunteer!


Not sure if it’s spinach or chard (I’m leaning toward spinach) but: there’s a 90% chance it’s edible, and there’s a 100% chance I’m going to find out. If I never update this blog again, you’ll know it’s because I died doing what I loved: eating weird things I found in my garden.

PS. I wish Lee Valley would make a version of that product for potatoes which they could call a tater crater.

Also, Lee Valley does not sponsor this blog, although it might seem like they do because of all the products of theirs I have.

Previously, in the ‘tomatoes’ file: Planting Tomatoes
Coming soon: the much-anticipated report on the self-aggrandizing 42 Days tomato!

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