The Top 10 Stupid Gardening Mistakes I Keep Making

You won’t believe the stupid thing this woman keeps doing!

Just kidding. That’s just in case you want to use this post as a buzzfeed-style listicle and sell 1,000,000 ads to have all around it. I’m on-board and already thinking of headlines.

I was thinking the other day about the stupid things I keep doing in my garden, habits I know are stupid but that I never change. That’s exactly why: they’re habits. They’re hard to break, or they come from my deeper-seated personality traits, like cheapness or laziness. So here, for your enjoyment and feeling-better-about-your-self-ness, is a list of the top 10.

  1. I keep re-using potting soil in my pots over and over. I usually don’t even take the soil out, I just pull out the plant from last year, dig up the top layer of soil and work in some compost or granular fertilizer, and re-plant it. CHEAP. And lazy.
  2. I do a bad job of keeping track what I’ve planted where, so I have no way of knowing which varieties are out-performing others.
  3. I don’t harden plants off properly before planting them out. Especially greenhouse-grown plants, but even ones I’ve started from seed sometimes.
  4. I sometimes put off planting plants for so long in the spring, and care for them so poorly in the meantime, that they perish in their pots outside on the deck. I’m not proud of this, dear readers, but I want to tell you the truth. And the truth is never pinteresting.
  5. I routinely don’t pay any attention whatsoever to overwintering my perennials in pots properly, and as a result, they often die. Then I spend time and money re-planting them when I could have just cared for them properly in the first place. That’s why I can’t have nice things.
  6. I pick weeds, then pile them up somewhere in the garden and let them sit there instead of composting them or throwing them away.
  7. I don’t rake leaves in the fall. Actually, this is kind of a mixed bag because leaving them on the lawn/in the beds is probably not bad for the soil, but I should use the mower to chop them up so they’ll decompose properly.
  8. I don’t rake up the fallen crabapples in the fall, and as a result, they get caught in my little push power and eventually ferment. Also, my dog sometimes tries to eat them; that’s the #1 gardening mistake she keeps making.
  9. I pull thistles with my bare hands even though I know I’m going to get the little thistle-hairs stuck in my skin.
  10. I buy plants on a whim, telling myself I’ll “find a spot for them,” then plant them in a less-than-optimal location where they’re doomed to failure. You know what they say: when you fail to plan, you mess up your garden and kill plants.

If you have embarrassing garden shames to share, or if you want to cut me in on those Buzzfeed advertising profits, let me know. You could write a guest post! GUEST POST ABOUT SECRET SHAME!

2 thoughts on “The Top 10 Stupid Gardening Mistakes I Keep Making

  1. luckypantsforever says:

    I like invest a few hours into pulling weeds and putting them up in a nice pile. Then, I ignore the pile long enough that everything dries and goes to seed, so the seeds can blow all over my yard and garden. It’s an excellent make work project.


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