Weird Things You Can Grow: These onions were made for walkin’

weird things


Egyptian walking onions (also called tree onions) on June 28th. These plants came from Richters last year (as little plugs). Egyptian onions develop the oniony part (a bulb, smaller than a usual onion) at the tip of their stems. What?! I know. They’re just doing their own thing, the honey badger of the onion family. The weight of the bulb will bend the plant over, and the bulb will kind of plant itself, leading to a new plant one onion-body-length away – which is why they’re called “walking” onions. (More like somersaulting onions, in my opinion, but then not everyone is as good at plant-naming as I am.)

Pretty much the whole plant is edible. Also, pretty much the whole plant can make a new plant if you put it in the ground (by which I mean, you can plant the bulb, you can separate a clump to make two clumps; you can plant the root-part with some stalk and it will grow back). That’s my kind of perennial!

Since my patch is still getting established, I haven’t tried eating them yet, but I think I’ll separate these out a bit and plant some of the bulbs to try to get some more. And soon I will try eating some. For you, dear readers, and for science.

More info:
Mother Earth News – Egyptian Walking Onions

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