Dispatches: July 8th

I think when I told my husband that one of the things that I wanted to get from IKEA was “a dish… to make a bee watering station” he was skeptical, but he went along with the plan willingly. Reader, I married him.

When I yell for my dog and she comes running from the back of the yard, I can tell she’s been eating strawberries because she smells like strawberries.

IMG_1246My whole body is basically covered in scratches like this, from my hops. It blocks the path to the rain barrel. When you try to go fill up buckets from the rain barrel, it charges you a pain-toll.

It’s supposed to be thirty degrees today. Hard to say whether this will be a satisfying hot and sweaty day where I get lots done, or a day that’s a bit too hot where I get nothing done and retreat to the basement and watch TV.

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