Native plants & the MacKinnon Food Forest

A couple of interesting articles on this great YEG edible landscape project.

Vue Weekly – Reshaping how we define native species
Dustin Bajer – Edmonton’s River Valley Food Forest

Hankering for fresh, homegrown berries but don’t have the resources, time or cash to grow/buy them yourself? The solution lies just north of the river in the MacKinnon Ravine, where our city’s first food forest has just passed its first birthday. Bring a pail and get picking.

In Mackinnon Ravine, West of the museum (‘s old location, not the new one downtown), is the city’s first publicly planted food forest. I did not know this place existed until I saw this article in Vue Weekly!

One of the things I love about Edmonton: the city is constantly surprising me with great ideas being implemented, new things being tried, people who are passionate about something getting their project going. It’s a big enough city that it can surprise you all the time with what it has to offer.

Since it’s the long weekend (soon! like 5 hours!) I’m going to try to make a field trip to the food forest and check out what’s growing.

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