Yard projects – July 31st 2015

I’ve been hard at work doing yard-related (but not particularly garden-related) projects. I took a few days off from work while my dad and I sanded and then stained my deck. I called it a stain-cation because I’m hilarious like that.

Also, we have screen doors now. We bought these from Home Depot and I painted them and we installed them.


This might not seem like that big of a deal, but it is if you don’t have air conditioning and many of your windows don’t open. Also, this one is red! I painted it that colour. You can probably tell. (I do need to paint the rest of the trim outside, I know. Now that I have this yard-project momentum, I feel like anything could happen! Dreams do come true!)

The other exciting project I am proud to call (nearly) complete is the parking pad bed behind my garage. More details on that to come as soon as I put the finishing touches on it this weekend. AH-HA! You probably thought I would never finish that project, right? That I would just draw drawings of it and then abandon it? Well, you were wrong. I built it and it’s magnificent. It I were a transformer, my name would be Completor.

Also, helpful note: It is now August. Summer is slipping away between our fingers like water. Gather ye rosebuds, etc etc. Ugh.

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