A great haul, August 2015

Public libraries do something called “weeding” (or put even more obscurely, “de-acquisitioning”) which really means “getting rid of books.” Sad, I know. But we’re buying new books all the time, so according to the laws of physics, we have to get rid of the old ones sometimes.

My library’s annual booksale is in a week or so, and the librarian who was weeding the nonfiction let me go through the cart of weeded gardening books and buy the ones I wanted. These were my picks, along with a handful of gardening magazines a second co-worker saved for me. There are perks to this job, if you’re the kind of person who considers the opportunity to buy used books before the general public can do so a “perk”.

Carolyn Herriot’s The Zero-Mile Diet [amazon | library] is a really good book containing many good ideas. The reason I never bought my own copy is that I thought, foolishly, that the library copy would always be there. Now the library copy is mine. And it was 50 cents.

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