Identify and rectify seed germination issues | Edmonton Journal

In this column that appeared in the Journal, a pretty good set of tips for poor germination rates with seed.

Q: We bought an acreage 10 years ago mostly so we could grow our own vegetables (and hang laundry out to dry!). The first few gardens were great, but I’ve had a few issues the last 3 years. Earlier I did not have any problems with seed that I purchased in stores or from seed catalogues. Now the last few years a lot of seeds just don’t grow. I even tried the seed tapes, and only 3 or 4 seeds germinated despite following exact directions. So my question is: what seeds and where is the best place to purchase them?

Source: Identify and rectify seed germination issues | Edmonton Journal

First salad! May 14th


The earliest first salad ever, I think. Some self-sown lettuce (‘merlot’) and orach, plus sorrel, good king Henry, and a few sacrificial leaves off the kale i just transplanted.

I’m away for a little while now, in California. I won’t update for the next week or so unless I see any really spectacular succulents. Happy watering.

Sea Buckthorn in the parking pad bed – May 12, 2016

I grew these from seed last year – seeds from Harmonic Herbs. Variety unknown – they were collected from a wild (or wild-ish) plant, apparently.

These grew very well for me from seed, but I only have one plant surviving because I realized partway through the year I had nowhere to put them, and gave the others to a friend who’s growing an edible food forest. I will start a few more this year once I have a spot for them.


What’s growing in with the Sea Buckthorn? No one knows, because there’s no tag, and someone* didn’t keep track of what she planted where.

*Past Jocelyn. She’s the worst.