Spring 2016: simplicity is the watchword

Above: File photo. Not taken anytime recently.

Normally at this time of year, I would have approximately 7,000 tiny plants in my basement under various lights and on top of various heat mats, many of those lights and heat mats plugged into a single powerbar, and that powerbar plugged into the same outlet as my washer and dryer (!). Also, I would be shlepping them inside and outside on sunny days, making many trips up and down my stairs. This year, I decided instead to grow a small person inside my body. It’s a riskier proposition, for sure, and you’re investing a lot of resources in a single baby – you can’t try different varieties and see which one does the best.

So anyway, at the key time for starting plants and taking care of them, I was pretty busy feeling sick most of the time and going to sleep at 8pm every night, and at the key time for harvesting plants and eating them, I expect to be profoundly uncomfortable and covered with a thick sheen of sweat at all times. So I decided to try to scale back my garden enterprise this year. I didn’t start any seeds indoors, although I’ve started a few things outside here and there. I’m going to cut down the number of pots and probably let at least one of my raised beds sit and rest. I’m going to buy expensive seedlings from the farmer’s market and be happy that I’m supporting the economy instead of resenting how cheaply I could have grown them myself. I’m going to try to have a garden in maintenance mode (or maybe even austerity mode) instead of 50 projects mode. This is actually a good exercise for me, because I have a real problem with starting things and not finishing them, so maybe if I start about 1/3 as many things I’ll finish 3/4 of them? Which, I think, comes out to 1/4 of the total things. I’m not sure, because I failed fractions. Anyway, I’ve heard that having babies is really good for your productivity and you get way more done and there are no downsides, so I’m looking forward to that.

Also, I’m going to still update this blog, and I promise to keep it garden-related, so there won’t be, like, surprise pictures of my varicose veins or anything. Unless one of them happens to be in the shape of a leaf.

3 thoughts on “Spring 2016: simplicity is the watchword

  1. cass181 says:

    Congrats!! I’ve been teaching my daughter about plants this year (tiny garden gloves included) and even though she proudly uprooted my new strawberries it’s still pretty fun to watch her explore and smell the flowers.


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