A few more Back 40 pics – May 12, 2016

Above: A rather robust arctic kiwi – Planted in 2013. I have about half a dozen arctic kiwis planted over several years. So far none of these plants have ever borne fruit.


Clumsily espalier-ed (espear-ied) ‘Early Gold’ pear, also planted in 2013 – in fact, purchased on May 11, 2013! Happy birthday, pear! It stuck out of the ground by only about 10 inches when I bought it. Now it’s my height. It has also never fruited, though, so don’t be too impressed. Here’s a post I wrote about espalier last year. 


Oh, hops. Nothing deters you. I love these muscly, prickly little tendrils hops sends out in the spring. Apparently they’re edible, too, although I’ve never tried them. Sorry for the weirdly out of focus photo. My phone was pretty sure the stuff in the background is what I was trying to photograph.

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