Weird things you can grow: Sea Buckthorn!

weird things

I started several of these plants from seed in 2015 – seeds from Harmonic Herbs. Variety unknown – they were collected from a wild (or wild-ish) plant, apparently. Once they started growing, I realized I really had no place to put them, so my one remaining plant is growing in a pot in the parking pad bed, and I gave the others away to friends who are starting an edible food forest. And apparently they grow 4 to 6 m high, so I’m guessing this one is going to need a new home sooner rather than later.

Like many of the other Weird Things You Can Grow (!), Sea Buckthorn has a weird alternate name: Siberian Pineapple. So that’s fun! The berries are edible and can be used for jam, booze and juice (my plant hasn’t produced any fruit yet). The oil is also used medicinally — you can read more about its health benefits on other websites with various degrees of credibility. AND, this plant fixes nitrogen, meaning that it will actually improve soil quality where it grows. What can’t Sea Buckthorn do? Well, produce berries in the tiny pot I’ve got it planted in, probably, but whose fault is that?

epr-aEdible Perennial rating: A, but only because I didn’t make any other graphics, and my free Photoshop trial expired a long time ago. So all edible perennials will either be awarded an ‘A,’ or not rated at all.

More info: 

Sea Buckthorn is the Newest Taste Treat – Toronto Star
Information On Planting Sea Buckthorn Trees


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