Unruly weather

Hey, does everyone have basically an entire exploded tree scattered around their yard after yesterday’s windstorm? Cool. Cool cool cool. Yep, no problem.

One of my cherries was totally stripped of blossoms but the other is relatively fine. Just depends on the path of the wind I guess? I’m hoping the one that lost its flowers will still get some fruit.

Also, a house in my neighbourhood has a row of 5 columnar aspen trees in their yard and two of them are blown halfway over, like at a 45-degree angle. Crazy! The same thing happened to one of my currants, a little bit, but I think if I just tie it back up it will be ok.

I know that once everything dries off it won’t be a big deal with just rake or sweep up the branches and leaves, but at the moment it feels daunting. Also, on an unrelated note (but still relevant to morale), I am discouraged that several of my perennials seemingly didn’t make it through the winter, including a grape that produced fruit last year (SAD EMOJI), two hybrid clematis varieties, a honeyberry, and a few other things. What the heck, Edmonton?

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