Pinteresting garden idea: Paint some stuff pink

20170621_132338_HDRHow to do this project:

1. Buy some stuff, preferably from the dollar store.
2. Buy some pink spray paint.
3. Spray paint the stuff pink.

BOOM. Your garden just got 100% pinker and 40% more pinterest-worthy.

FAQs about this project:

Q: Jocelyn, does your husband mind that you keep making stuff in your yard pink?

A: I don’t know, but if he does, he should go buy some spray paint of his own because that’s the only law I respect.

Q: Does your finger hurt from spray painting?

A: Yes it does. Thank you for asking. Spray paint can fatigue is a real thing.


Step 4: Attach with zip ties. Like a boss.

The back-alley parking pad planter: GREAT SUCCESS

Photo-worthy at last! Thanks in large part to my dad’s amazing construction skills, the planter for the back-alley parking pad is finally complete.

Previously, on Jocelyn Comes Up With Garden Projects: Back in May I wrote about the reasons for designing this planter the way I did. I changed the layout of it a little bit, but the concept remained the same.The lowest box (left side in the picture) will hold my first hay-bale beds next year; the higher one (not visible in this picture because of the angle) will be a vegetable or flower bed once I get some soil for it.

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