Happy May Long Weekend, YEG!

Ahhh, May Long. When we celebrate Queen Victoria by filling our shovels with dirt.

I had a great weekend. Garden all planted and ready to go just like mine? LOL. Me neither. Let’s call it “succession planting,” shall we? That makes it sound like we planned it that way.

I did make it to the Muttart plant sale on Saturday and the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market one yesterday. I walked to both, which really limits what you can carry back (which is probably for the best). Also it turns out the Muttart Conservatory is really far from my house. Learning! And growing! We got there at 4:30 and all that was left was bedding annuals and enormous tomatoes. I got a couple annuals and a dill plant, since the dill seed I planted was old and shows no sign of emerging.


That’s right, I know how to use the panorama feature on my phone. NBD.

I was going to do some cleanup and stuff for you, Internet, or at least put away the blue curtain that is drying on the deck; but then I remembered that no one is reading this blog because they’re thinking that I’m some kind of photogenic-garden-haver. ALTHOUGH. One way I’ve evolved this year is that I got one of those garden organizer thingies that goes on a 5-gallon bucket (this one) and I am (a) carrying it around to where I’m working in the garden at that moment and (b) putting it away when I am done. So hopefully no more abandoned tools all over the garden. I’m trying to be better, Internet. My husband and I have watched a LOT of Mike Holmes over the years (he is our surrogate dad, which makes us adopted siblings I guess? whatevs) and sometimes our extreme Holmes knowledge really forces us to admit that our own ways of doing things are half-assed and bad. So I’m just trying to be more Holmesian in my approach. And you know that guy brings the right tools in the first place, stays organized, and then puts his stuff away after, like a grown-up.


The view inside my mini greenhouse (visible in the picture above). The plant in the big pot (visible on the left)  is a sucker from my Juliet cherry that I potted up for a friend who is setting up her garden this year. I AM EXCITED TO BE GARDENING VICARIOUSLY THROUGH OTHERS.

I was going to write a post about potting up suckers but, to tell truth, I don’t really know how to do it. Here’s how I did it: dug around it. Hacked it out of the ground. Planted it in a pot. Prayed to the fruit-gods. It seemed to work.


Not the greatest photo, but here’s the obligatory bee picture.

My yard contains two cherry trees, a crabapple and the ornamental double-flowering plum. My neighbours have two apple trees. Both the smell and the buzzing of bees are palpable when I step outside the back door. Also, I put cinnamon all over the raised beds to try to deter the ants. It’s heaven.


I’ve queued up a few more pictures to be posted over the next few days. I hope you are as garden-drunk, tired, dirty and content as I am at this moment.

Quick garden update

Sorry, I’ve been busy gardening and had no time for posting. I’ll get back into the swing of things here momentarily! On Friday and Saturday I had a couple of really good work days in which the ground grew wet with the sweat dripping off my bright-red face.

  • Our eavestroughs and roof are now repaired, so the days of people climbing all around the foundation of my house and flattening plants with ladders are done (sorry, Snow on the Mountain. I hope you bounce back), so it’s time to get back to work. We got a new downspout installed in the front yard and already added a third rain barrel there, which is going to be awesome for watering convenience. (So long, endorphin rush from watering with the hose.)
  • On Saturday, I finished emptying out the two Burnco bags that have been sitting in my front yard since the fall of 2013, folded them up inside a THIRD Burnco bag (which is full of branches and weeds) and therefore reduced my Unsightly Bag Index by 2/3s. Of course, the one that’s left is now full and even harder to get rid of, but I have confidence I will solve this problem. You know who’s a whiz at solving landscaping problems? FUTURE JOCELYN!
  • I had to get rid of those Burnco bags because today we are getting another half-pallet of rocks and another cubic yard of mulch delivered. I have to find a way to trick some of my loved ones into helping me carry these rocks to the front yard. Maybe a theme party of some kind?
  • I’ve finally gotten back to work on my front yard, laying cardboard, adding new soil/compost on top, planting the last of the indoor starts, and mulching. These beds look terrible right now, and I can’t photograph them from shame, but soon they’ll be ready for their moment in the spotlight.
  • It’s been raining little sprinkles here and there. We still haven’t had a single good drenching rain this year (and we need one!) but I’ll take these occasional light showers as a second choice, since at least they’re keeping the ground a little moist and reducing the need to water constantly.
  • I ordered some more plants from Wild About Flowers, so I’m going to need to figure out where those should go and get ready to ACTUALLY PLANT THEM. I have a bad habit of actually ordering plants and then not planting them, letting them perish in their little grower pots on my deck while I deliberate. NOT THIS TIME!

Be back later, with pictures.

State of the Union – May 18, 2015

I think I take a version of this photo at the end of every May long weekend. It’s like a benchmark, a way of seeing how this spring is proceeding (prospringing) compared to other years. It’s still chilly, but I did get lots planted today, and I also did some therapeutic deck-sitting.

Bonus picture: My dog, Emma, has spent pretty much the whole weekend trying to get into the neighbours’ yard. We were joking that she just wants to be part of their family so badly. But, honestly, it kind of hurts my feelings. Here’s a picture of her watching their gate while they ate a wholesome family breakfast in their yard:

IMG_1132“I don’t know what it is about them. They just seem like such nice people.”

Whatever, Emma. WHATEVER.