Confessions of a guilty waterer

I’m pretty self-righteously eco-friendly about watering my garden. We have two rain barrels, with plans to add a third one this year, and my usual rules are (1) if I don’t eat it, I don’t water it (SORRY GRASS); and (2) Use city (hose) water only when absolutely necessary. In a typical summer, I might water with the hose 8 or 10 times total. Usually my rain barrels more than do the trick, and to be honest I love lording that fact over people.

Until this year.

We actually remembered to flip our rain barrels over in the fall for once (yay for very minor achievements!), but that means that in the spring they didn’t capture all the snow melt they usually do. And then since then it’s been a very dry spring, with a few sprinkles and only 1 or 2 proper rains that actually saturated the ground. So I just decided that until the barrels are full again, I’m just going to not worry about it. I’m going to ignore that little bar graph on our Epcor bill and go to town.

As a result, I’ve been watering with impunity. Putting the sprayer nozzle on and just spraying everything. And I can see why people love doing this. It’s so easy. It takes almost no time (compared to painstakingly refilling the watering can a dozen times from the dumb rain barrel). And it’s fun. It makes me feel like a firefighter, or like I am working at a bikini car wash*. When it’s on the mist setting, it makes this pretty kind of sheen in the air and drops of it get on your skin and it’s refreshing. I do feel a little guilty, but I also feel gleeful.

It’s going to be hard to go back. At least I’ll have my memories of the June I watered with the hose to keep me warm at night. That, and my righteous indignation.

*What I imagine this would feel like, as I have never worked at a bikini car wash. Opposing the objectification of women + lack of extra curricular activities I guess.