Thinking about products I might like to purchase

I was at Home Depot today and I saw these planter blocks.


Yeah, that’s a concrete (?) block with grooves in each side, the perfect width to hold a 2×6 board. And they have a hole down the centre, so you can stack them and put a piece of rebar through the holes and down into the ground to hold the whole thing in place. Like some kind of raised-bed building genius. When I replace my main raised bed garden next summer I’m going to try these. It would make it so easy to replace individual boards in the future without having to replace the whole bed (as I’m going to have to do). Amazing! Thanks, capitalism!

Also, I bought the last succulent tile at the HD closest to me. HA! I WIN!


Link to Buzzfeed, of all places

Buzzfeed – I tried 7 Cheap and Easy Pinterest Gardening Hacks

I’m normally lukewarm on articles of this type, except this one involves ACTUALLY TRYING DUMB PINTEREST IDEAS and then evaluating whether they are great. What, would you say, is the ratio of Pinterest ideas pinned to Pinterest ideas executed? 1000:1? 1,000,000:1? This is one of my pet peeves about Pinterest. Another one of my pet peeves about Pinterest is that it makes me feel bad about myself.